Your blend for life

At Legro, we specialise in substrates and casing soil. And we’ve had our own way of doing it for hundred years.

Bespoke blends
As a professional, you know better than anyone what your crops need. Our job is to give you exactly what you know they require. To do this, we listen to what you have to say and offer suggestions. We prefer not to work with middlemen since we think it’s important to have direct contact with our customers. This way, we can consult with you about creating a bespoke blend that will be perfect for your situation

Control over our own production process
We take quality to the next level by managing the entire production process ourselves: from our peat fields to our transport. To know for sure that everything is done according to our high standards, we also manage the locations where the potting composts and substrates are produced by ourselves.

For the next generation
Legro is a family business. We are proud of our products and our company. We may have started out small, but four generations later, we’ve become one of the largest producers of substrates in Europe. We also look to the future. And we’re investing in it, too, since we are committed to having our future generations produce the same excellent products.

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We ensure that your crops can realise their optimum growth So using the best raw materials is only logical.

To ensure a sufficient supply of raw materials in the form of peat, we have invested in our own peat fields at various locations in Europe. We harvest both sod and milled peats there. We also supply white peat and garden peat. Another essential ingredient used in our blends is coir. We source this from India and process it at our production location there. We source this from India and process it at our production location there.

Managing everything ourselves is important for us. It enables us to monitor the production process and to guarantee consistently high quality.


As a professional, you are constantly engaged in getting your products to grow under the best possible conditions, and you also know better than anyone what your product needs. Every crop, location and situation has its own set of factors and conditions that will have an impact on your product.

Structure, air content, drainage and nutrients: all are essential properties for optimal growth. We have a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of our raw materials. Over the generations, we have acquired the expertise and experience it takes to create just the right substrate for your product.


To provide you with the best possible service, we also manage our own transport. This means we can supply you whenever you want.

Every week, we transport hundreds of containers over land and sea to destinations throughout the world. Our 40 lorries keep our production locations supplied and also make deliveries to our customers all over north-western Europe. These containers travel over roads and water. By scheduling our own logistics services, we can respond very quickly to your requests and needs – 365 days a year.



We are Legro, a proud and independent family business. We were founded in 1924 and the fourth generation of Swinkels is currently at the helm. We can truthfully say that we are passionate about raw materials. And every day, on four continents, we are just as passionate about our work as our customers are about theirs. For us, it’s all about producing the very best substrates and casing soils, for this and subsequent generations.

Here’s a video clip about our vision – or rather our passion.