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We supply many more substrates besides those for soft fruit cultivation, tree nurseries, young plant production and mushroom cultivation. After all, we're very enthusiastic about raw materials and their endless possibilities for developing the best substrate for every application. We've been doing this for 95 years, and we still find it as fascinating as ever!

So besides our standard assortment, we have around 500 formulas for specific applications. To make them, we use raw materials that include peat, coir, Perlite, bark, clay, clay granules, lava and pumice. We know even the smallest details about the properties of the 30 basic raw materials we use, so we can create substrates for you with very specific characteristics – substrates for orchids, water plants, fruiting vegetables, roof gardens – or just about anything else. The possibilities are endless.

We also love the challenge of developing new products. Maybe you're working on a new crop. If so, we can help. In fact we'd be more than happy to do so.

We know one thing for sure: the end to the possibilities for creating new substrates is by no means in sight just yet. Interested in the best solution for your product? Simply get in touch.

Would you like more information about what we could do for you? T +31 (0) 88 0081800