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Pablo Segovia

Sales Manager Americas

Blueberry cultivation is expanding rapidly throughout the world. Blueberries are in great demand, and our substrates for this crop are now being delivered to every continent on earth.

We are always looking for new ways of making this crop even more productive so that you can satisfy the increasing demand for blueberries. To achieve this, we are conducting a lot of research, both in the lab at research institutes and in the field with growers on different continents.

This research has produced specific substrates with which blueberries have been grown in the same container filled with the same substrate for eight consecutive years: the Legro Blauwe Bes CP Optima range. These substrates are made of specially selected raw materials.

Their air-permeable structure and nonstop proper drainage ensure a highly efficient, finely branched root system that will keep the plant in good condition for many years to come.

Our blueberry substrates are RHP and OMRI certified. Thousands of hectares of northern and southern highbush varieties have been planted on our blueberry substrates across the globe – in South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Peru, the US, Europe, and stretching eastwards to China and Australia. Are you using our substrates yet?


Our specialists


Pablo Segovia

Sales Manager Americas

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Leon Driessen

Fall Creek Driesvenplant B.V., a satisfied Legro customer

"'I can grow them outside without any problems. Just for us, Legro has developed a fantastic substrate that gives me the best possible results from my crop. It's just great and works every time.'"

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