Our team

Our team of highly motivated specialists will be pleased to help you determine the best possible solution for your crop. But that's not all. Together with you, our customers, we are always looking for new ways of making a crop even more productive. Our staff listen to you to assess your needs and share their expertise and experience with you. After all, we're only satisfied when you are.

Interested in the best solution for your situation? Simply get in touch. We'd be glad to tell you more.


Jacco Hoogendoorn

Sales Manager Europe


Dorus Verhoeven

Sales Professional


Lengleng Guo

Sales Professional


Henk Berendsen

Sales Professional


Pablo Segovia

Sales Manager Americas


Eric Milants

Sales Professional


Phillip Badgery

Sales Manager AUS & NZ


Hans Berden

Sales Professional


Martin Hornecker

Sales Professional


Luís Mora

Sales Professional


Fausto Serrano

Sales Professional


Sander Steinmann

Sales Manager AMEA


Michaël Vandevoorde

Team leader Sales


Cor-Jan van der Elzen

Sales Professional