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SEDA Tray Mixes

SEDA substrates specialises in the production of high-quality blends for the cultivation of young plants. With almost 100 years of experience in raw materials and the production of substrates, a solid dealer network and our own supply of raw materials, we are able to deliver a premium product year-round.

The SEDA substrates portfolio comprises three different types of products, each of which is carefully developed and composed for a specific product group. The portfolio distinguishes blends for seedlings, the production of young propagating plants and the production of forest plants. Each blend is formulated to stimulate optimal growth of the young plant. 

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TMS - Tray Mix Seedlings

TMS covers a range of germination mixes to produce seedlings in cell trays.
The TMS range contains mixtures with different levels of starter fertilizer, and in function of the needs these mixtures can be provided with different amounts of black peat to adjust its water holding capacity, or with perlite to modify the air-filled porosity of the substrate.


TMP - Tray Mix Propagation

TMP covers a range of products to produce young plants from seeds or cuttings. 

TMP products have a high to very high air content thanks to the combination of different types of peat moss obtained from different harvesting methods, but at the same time they are fine grade which is key for an optimal functioning of the tray or pot filling system used.  

TMP products are specially indicated for more advanced propagation systems, as well as for rooting grafted seedlings in large cavity trays.  


TMF - Tray Mix Forestry

TMF covers a range of products to produce forestry young plants in trays. 

TMF products have a high to very high air content, but at the same time they are medium-fine grade to guarantee an optimal filling of the most used forest trays. 

TMF products are available with different pH levels depending on the species to be produced, generally contain only low amounts of starter fertilizer, and are available with or without perlite. 

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