Legro’s blueberry substrate now OMRI Listed®


The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has declared Legro SF Organic blueberry substrate OMRI Listed®, which means that the institute has decided that the product is suitable for the organic market. This designation also means the blueberry substrate, which is called Legro SF Organic, is allowed under the American organic standards. The market has recently been informed that the substrate makes it possible to grow blueberries in the same container for eight years. That Legro SF Organic is now OMRI Listed® the company sees as a crown on its work.



OMRI is an international non-profit organisation that verifies products that are used in the organic production chain. Those products are reviewed according to organic standards. OMRI Listed® products are included in the OMRI Products List© or OMRI Canada Products List© (see http://www.omri.org/ for more information on OMRI and http://www.omri.org/omri-lists for the OMRI Products List.)


Blueberries grown in the same container for eight years

Besides having been approved for the organic American market, Legro’s blueberry substrate offers growers other fantastic advantages. Research and worldwide tests carried out by Legro in cooperation with Fall Creek nurseries, the Blueberry Innovation Centre Holland (BICH) and other organisations have shown that the substrate makes it possible to successfully grow blueberries in the same container for eight years, eliminating the need for growers to repot or supplement their plants. Another advantage is that it is easier to control the crop’s development, so that blueberries can be grown anywhere. And all that with the designation OMRI Listed®.



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