Legro Potgrond, introduces its package for the professional grower!

We at Legro are proud and delighted to present our product range. Our experience in substrates is going back decades, we understand exactly what you and your plants need from a good substrate. And we are sure that by using our product you will be giving your crops the best possible start. Along with top quality plants and good irrigation water, your substrate is an essential product that you simply can’t afford to compromise on.

Legro only offers mixtures that have proved their worth in practice over many years. Naturally we can also work with you to develop a custom mixture that is right for you. We make sure our raw materials are the perfect ingredients for the mixture we supply you with, and we work constantly to improve our raw materials and optimise our processing methods. But besides quality, we want to give you the best possible service- and all at a reasonable price.

Our sales support can tell you more about this or put you in touch with one of our sales advisers with expertise in your particular field!

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RHP Quality Mark

Quality, quality assurance and certification are gaining increasingly in significance in the business world, both in the greenhouse sector and in other more intensive substrate growing systems. Besides our quality department, which monitors quality of all incoming and outgoing product, we are affiliated to RHP, the European knowledge centre for potting soil and substrates, so we carry the RHP quality logo.

Potting soils and all raw materials that carry the RHP Horticulture quality mark meet tis strict chemical and physical requirements, are low in weeds and are disease- free. So we can guarantee you, the professional grower, a safe and good product,. The RHP Horticulture quality mark is an optimum, tailored guarantee for the grower.