Sowing and cutting soil

Successful cultivation or propagation begins with sowing or cutting.

 In this stage of the process the plant is very vulnerable and soon subject to delayed growth. Legro pays extra attention to the raw materials used for sowing and cutting soils. Success begins at the basis.


Legro sieves the raw materials for the sowing and cutting soils twice. As a result the fraction of fine particles is very low. The absence of fine particles determines how airy a substrate is. Due to this process the rootlets can quickly establish and the substrate has good drainage properties. These are the most important conditions for a quick and healthy start.


Prior to supplying sowing and cutting soil, the product needs to be stable. A natural material is predictable for 99%, however for the last 1% our contrail and monitoring procedure is required. This procedure means that the soil is checked for pH/EC four days after manufacturing, so that the product has been completely inspected before delivery.


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