Tree cultivation


The arboriculture is typified by huge diversity of varieties that are cultivated. In addition to substrates for specific varieties, Legro also has a number of tree cultivation substrates for general use.


Due to our extensive experience in tree cultivation these substrates have been optimised and can be widely used for diverse varieties, and also for acidophilous plants. There are various substrates with a normal pH (5-6) as well as with an acidophilous pH(4-5). Fine, medium coarse and coarse substrates are available depending on the pot size and the length of cultivation.


The benefits of cocos in tree cultivation.
Arboriculture, with its many outdoor growing methods, can benefit more from the advantages and options that coconut based product provide. Good water absorption and drainage capacities are essential features for a substrate in a time when ever more extreme weather condition prevail, such as extremely dry periods or during spells of heavy rainfall.


Coconut combines these characteristics perfectly. As a result, the plants experiences a much less stressful situation.

In addition to the familiar peat substrates, Legro offers nearly all its blends in a version with coco, the so called optima versions.


The use of coco in tree growing gives the following benefits:
- Extra water management properties, beneficial for rehydration in times of drought, and draining excess water in wet conditions
- Stability/slow disintegration ensures little soil crusting and maintains good airiness in the substrate
- Sustainable
- Reliable and stable medium