Legro has its own specific product which has been developed and tailored to the needs and requiremen

Below you will find a list of all our packaged products.


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Potting Compost:
Universal Potting Compost
Potting Compost with slow-releasing fertilisers
Patio Plants compost with clay
Super Coconut Potting Compost
Box and Conifer Compost
Potting Compost for Orchids
Cactus and Succulent Potting Compost
Ferns and Palm Tree Compost
Potting Compost Mediterranean
Sowing and Cutting Compost
Pond Compost
Garden Peat

Soil Improvers:
Ornamental Garden Fertilisation
Fertilised Garden Compost
Planting Compost

Ground Covers/Decoration:
French Bark
German Bark
Hydro Grain
Peat Litter
Cocoa Shells

Manure Grain
Pure Universal Fertilisers